Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Oh Mi Rockness

I love all kinds of rock; alternative, indie, garage, punk, you name it. And from all over the world; the language that is being sung is second.I just finished purchasing tickets for The Strokes concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom. Their third album First Impressions of Earth is hot. You can sense how good an artist is even if you don't understand the lyrics. It just all seems to come together ever so nicely.

In New York, we have our standard concert venues, Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, Jones Beach Concert, New Jersey arenas, etc . We also have the staple local lounges in different boroughs like La Kueva, La Oveja Negra, SOB's etc.
The hard to find gems are the Underground NYC concert venues that sprinkle in a few Latino acts in acknowledgement of the veracity and raw emotions of our artists. Some of these places are legendary. Famous artists performed the New York City underground circuits before selling out mega arenas like MSG.

I like to support Latino emerging artists/acts/bands when it counts the most. When selling a record is a win-lose situation, when your presence is visible among the not-so-filled-to-capacity room. When they are still underground, getting the word out, emerging.

I couldn't start to list a few of the most noted NYC Underground venues and not start with CBGB, an icon in the underground movement. It hosts some of our finest underground and emerging rock en español acts. The band Kultura Etilika played on 2/06. Check their calendar often for rock en español acts.

Next is Bowery Ballroom where the likes of Cafe Tacuba have played. Jose Gonzalez , a Swedish-born Argentinian will perform on 3/24. His debut album Veneer is in the top 10 charts in the UK and is a star in many other European countries. He has been compared to the Brazilian master of bossa nova João Gilberto and his song "Crosses" was featured on the hit TV show "The OC". Joe's Pub where Jose will also be playing among many other Latin talents and rising stars is a more elegant and intimate setting. Joe's Pub has only being around since 1998 and has seen the likes of Bebe Gilberto among other Latino international artists. This spring, Joe's Pub will host Las Rubias del Norte (a mix of French, American and Colombian musicians ) on 3/28, Marta Gomez de Cali, Colombia on 4/1 where she will release her new CD titled "Entre Cada Palabra" , two nights of Compañia Flamenca Juan Polvillo , from Sevilla, España on 5/10 and 5/11 and Peruvian Susana Baca on 5/18. Pistolera , a mexican "latin pop-folklore" band will perform at The Mercury lounge on 3/3. The list goes on and on, Knitting Factory, Webster Hall, Southpaw, Tonic, Warsaw, etc.

Oh My Rockness is my favorite NYC indie rock venue website. They have compiled an extensive roster of NYC concert venues. You are able to link to all the concert venues and find a comprehensive of all upcoming shows. Check it out once in a while to see where Latino bands/artists may be performing. Don't miss the chance to see up and coming artists in historic places, you may be witness of the next star being born. I did, I saw No Doubt (Gwen Stefani) before she was a mega star!

Rock on!


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